Hg is the technological development company of the Antel group. It works with forefront technology and bets on technical and professional excellence. Their goal: to articulate innovation.

“High Professionalism,“commitment” and "humility"

Pyxis in words of HG


Hg is one of our main business partners. Since our beginnings, they invited us to take part of important and highly challenging projects. Tickantel and Sucive among them.

 "From the beginning we found an attitude of commitment, security and high professionalism to address our needs. To that we sum a sense of humility, not easy to find in this market".

"Moreover, they think aboutsolving our needs, going beyond the specific project”, says Sylvia Gonzalez, CEO of HG.


Some of our most challenging Projects


Sucive (Sistema Único de Cobro de Ingresos Vehiculares)

In its partnership with Hg, Pyxis team was in charge of developing the broker for Sistema Único de Cobro de Ingresos Vehiculares (Sucive). The system, which comprehends the 19 municipalities, is capable of loading information and unifying the data provided by each department, with the collection schedules, enumerations and collections.

In turn, it links these data with the charges made in payment networks, allowing the client to have a unique control system. Another of the features of the system is itsability to connect with the National Office of Customs. Thus it provides thenecessary information at the time of patenting new vehicles.


Tickantel: primer portal uruguayo de venta de entradas online

In 2012 Antel launched www.tickantel.com.uy, a website that allows the user to purchase tickets for shows either through the Internet or via SMS or USSD. Pyxis took part in the design and development of the system and its still adding stages in the project's updates.


Infrastructure Services

a. Consulting in technological Infrastructure.

We serve “in company” based on the client's requirements and time avaiability. Activities are held throughout the life cycle and implementation of the compromisedtechnological infrastructure.


b. Administration, monitoring and support of the technological infrastructure.

"In company” or remote services based on the client's requirements and according tothe compromised levels of service SLA.

Methodology: Agile techniques based on Scrum and PMI project.


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