We are finalizing the details to be able to define the first team of Pyxis Research. That will start working in the Center by February 2015. A team that will be fully fully dedicated to research.

This center aims to attract and promote talent both inside and outside the Pyxis, promoting the generation of new knowledge and innovation. We believe that this search should be done in interaction with the academy, creating a desirable synergy between this and the industry.

Our research center is a key player in enhancing innovation capabilities within Pyxis and its incubated business ecosystem by providing:

(A) a center for the acquisition of new knowledge that allows the permanent knowledge of the state of the art in the areas of ecosystem development

(B) the possibility for professionals within the company to continue to form and develop their interest in research

(C) a link with academic research, applied to the needs of the company, and thus favor the development in joint projects between the academy and Pyxis.